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Patient Services

Quality Patient Care
This is the cornerstone of the Livingston Podiatry Associates. Our podiatric specialists are highly trained and uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat disorders and diseases of the foot and ankle. With this exclusive knowledge, we are dedicated to providing each of our patients with a personalized treatment program that will satisfy their individual foot care needs. In the event of an emergency, our doctors are available for an appointment as soon as possible.

The Feet Are The Mirrors of Health
The feet are said to the “mirror” of an individual’s health because many severe progressive diseases (such as circulatory disorders, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis) often reveal their earliest symptoms in the lower extremities. For this reason your initial visit to Livingston Podiatry Associates will include a physical examination of your feet and legs as well as a detailed medical history and evaluation by a podiatric specialist. This comprehensive consultation will enable our podiatric specialists to gain the knowledge necessary to develop a personalized foot care plan just for you. Our staff will make every effort to provide you with relief from your presenting discomfort during this initial visit.

Personalized Treatment Plans
There are more than 300 know foot ailments, ranging from those that cause chronic discomfort to those that may put a patient’s life, limb or mobility at risk. Depending upon your diagnosis, our podiatric specialist and surgeons will recommend a personalized program to address your specific foot care needs. Your individualized plan may include a number of treatment measures, ranging from minor procedures up to complex reconstructive foot surgery.

Sports Medicine: Foot and Ankle Specialists
As a group of board certified podiatrists specializing in biomechanical evaluations and treatment management of athletes, our team of doctors have worked with world class gymnasts and figure skaters along with high school and collegiate athletes. At Livingston Podiatry Associates we use the latest technology in combination with our advanced training and experience to help athletes perform to their highest levels.

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