Common Foot Disorders

Ankle Dislocation Hammertoe
Ankle Fractures Heel Pain
Ankle Sprains Ingrown Toenails
Athletes Foot Nail Fungus
Bunions Neuromas
Custom Made Orthoses Rearfoot Surgery
Diabetic Foot Care Plantar Warts
E.S.W.T. Forefoot Surgery
Flatfoot Deformity


                   Dr. Michael Livingston

                 Dr. Michael Livingston

                    Orthopedic Podiatrist

              Livingston Podiatry Associates

                  "Your Local Podiatrist"


What We Do

Livingston Podiatry Foot Doctors

Our Skilled, Professional Physicians are Trained
to Treat These Ailments and More:
• Tired or Painful Feet, Corns and Calluses
• Bunions, Warts, Heel Pain, Fungal Nails
• Ingrown Nails, Tendonitis, Flat Feet
• Advanced Diabetic Foot Management
• Neuromas, Pinched Nerves, Fractures & Sprains

What You Need to Know

(516) 308-4500

Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 2:00pm

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Welcome to Livingston Podiatry Associates. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm to announce that Doctors Michael Livingston, Melvin Hurt, Mital Patel and Robert Bello have moved to a new enlarged state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic foot treatment center in Bellmore.

Our new address is 2307 Bellmore Avenue in the town of Bellmore. The five thousand square foot state-of-the-art center is located two blocks south of Sunrise Highway. Livingston Podiatry Associates offers excellent ground level parking and is fully handicap accessible.

- We hope to see you soon!!